The 1001 Night Collection

This fascinating collection was first designed upon request by the Sultan of Oman. The intricate shapes and detailed, hand-painted decorations harmonize perfectly with the golden deserts of the East. Discover these Limited Edition pieces now.

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1001 Nights Collection

Janos Török Collection

In the 1960s Janos Török spent a lot of time in Pécs, creating unique modernist deisgns that he would bring to reality with the help of the Zsolnay manufacture. His mid-century style forms are
instantly recognizable and a collector's favorite.

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Since 1853

Creating luxurious porcelain

Zsolnay has been associated with uniqueness, artistic
quality, and innovation for 170 years. Over the course of its history, the manufactory has always contributed something new and distinctive to every period. Our handpainted products are made in Pécs, Hungary.