Fisher Woman - Purple

SKU: 403417037000061

€1'650.00 EUR

The elegant Fisher Woman piece by Zsolnay brings the sophistication of 19th century European design into your home. Art Nouveau and Hungarian Secession style are a specialty of the Zsolnay porcelain manufacture.


Zsolnay Eosin Glaze

Size: 34cm x 27cm

Dekor: 7037/0006


Please note that all our products are handcrafted. Each piece is unique and might differ slightly from the product image. For details contact us.

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Made in Pécs

Handcrafted by our artists

Zsolnay has been associated with uniqueness, artistic
quality, and innovation for 170 years. Over the course of its history, the manufactory has always contributed something new and distinctive to every period. Our handpainted products are made in Pécs, Hungary.

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