Pierced Eosin Bowl - Purple

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€855.00 EUR

Zsolnay Eosin Glaze

Original mid-century modern Design by István Kovács

Designed in 1967

Decor: 9902

 Size: 21cm x 12cm


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Janos Török

Janos Török (1932-1996) was a Hungarian ceramic artist born in Mezőtúr, Hungary. After graduating from college in 1956 he began working at the Zsolnay Factory in Pécs. During his career Török created a variety of unique, modernist figurines and sculptures.

Modernist Design

From the late 1950s he began to design his figures, the first of them including the Flutist, Thinker and Harp player. Janos Török created figurines and sculptures that are immediately recognizable. His modernist designs are timeless and a collector's favorite.

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