Phoenix Coffee Set - 9 Pieces

SKU: 302219100070051

€2'775.00 EUR

This elegant, richly decorated Coffee Service was designed by Kinga Szabo. Inspired by ancient mythology, the phoenix design is a symbol of Zsolnay's rebirth. It is one of our most demanding deisgns which only the most experienced painters in Pécs can bring to life. 

The set consists of 9 pieces, including:

6 coffee cups with 6 saucers

1 Sugar bowl with lid

1 Milk jug

1 Coffee pot 

Pattern Design by Szabó Kinga

Dishwasher-Safe: No
Suitable for Microwaves: No

Dekor: 9100/7005

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Made in Pécs

Handcrafted by our artists

Zsolnay has been associated with uniqueness, artistic
quality, and innovation for 170 years. Over the course of its history, the manufactory has always contributed something new and distinctive to every period. Our handpainted products are made in Pécs, Hungary.

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