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A Zsolnay Innovation

Esoin Glazing

Together with renowned Hungarian chemist Vince Wartha, Vilmos Zsolnay developed a multi-coloured, iridescent metallic lustre glaze called Eosin. The name refers to the Greek goddess of dawn Eos.

Eosin allowed the production of inimitable products, because the iridescent metallic colours are unique to every piece.

A Zsolnay Trademark

The Hungarian Miracle

The Eosin glaze became a trademark of Zsolnay and a favorite among art nouveau artists such as Lajos Mack and Sándor Apáti Abt. The technique is a well-kept secret of the manufacture and its magical appearance has captivated collectors all over the world since it was first presented.

Art Nouveau Impact

The Eosin Era

Zsolnay's Eosin glazin technology provided the perfect material for the artistic expression of popular Art Nouveau artists at the time.
Its metallic, glass-like appearance perfectly matched the Art Nouveau forms and shapes. Eosin shimmered in green, blue, red and purple and its magic captivates art collectors to this day.

A stunning selection of Art Nouveau Eosin pieces can be viewed at the Zsolnay museum in Pécs.

Saint Stephen's Hall

It is an honour that with its expertise the Pécs-based Zsolnay Porcelain Manufactory could contribute to the significant, historic project of reconstructing the Saint Stephen's Hall.The talented artists at Zsolnay have great expertise and were well-prepared for the thorough research and the preparatory phase of the project.

In the reconstruction of the fireplace in Saint Stephen’s Hall, Zsolnay relied on the traditional technology used by the manufacture worked over a hundred years ago. 

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