Zsolnay Gin awarded at the Great Taste Awards in London

Zsolnay gin was awarded a double gold star at an international food industry competition held in London as the Oscar of gastronomy. Zsolnay Gin, which is the result of the joint work of the world-famous Zsolnay brand and Buzavirág gin, achieved an outstanding result, receiving two gold stars at the Great Taste Awards.

The international, 400-member professional jury has just encountered Zsolnay Hungarian gin for the first time. Although the judges were not influenced by the appearance, as the item was blind tasted, the global brand and the drink’s makers are very proud of the result achieved.

“We are extremely happy with the result, as we thought that the contents – thanks to the spices found in Mecsek – would suit Hungarian tastes the most, but it turned out that it also holds its own at the international level.” – stated the founder of Buzavirág gin, Péter Bárány. The uniquely packaged drink was mostly available in premium restaurants, in the bars of 5-star hotels, and in downtown restaurants.

„Beautifully balanced with a long finish and the smoothness of the chamomile contrasts the fiery wild ginger yet they work together in harmony. The juniper is pronounced throughout. A lovely gin.”
Great Taste Awards 2023