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Zsolnay Architecture

The Magic of Pyrogranit

Zsolnay is not only famous for the creation of unique, handpainted porcelain - but also for its achievements in architectural ceramics and its contributions to the architectural landscape of European cities. Zsolnay architectural ceramics were widely used and became dominant on public buildings in Budapest and across other European cities at the turn of the century.

The main characteristic of our pyrogranite products is their durability, which can be admired on the many beautiful buildings that were built in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and Central Europe from the mid-1880s. This material, also developed by Vilmos Zsolnay, made it possible for Hungarian Art Nouveau architecture to create such unique works.

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Dorothea Budapest Hotel Lobby with blue Zsolnay Pyrogranit tiles

Unique Design for unique spaces

Hotels and Restaurants

Zsolnay continously realizes new projects around the world. From private homes to luxury hotels and restaurants - Zsolnay develops individual and unique concept for its clients. Working with our fine porcelain or frost-resistant Pyrogranit, we will find the perfect way to bring any project to reality. 

One of the most recent projects includes the wall of blue Zsolnay pyrogranit tiles in the newly renovated Dorothea Hotel in the heart of Budapest. 

We also had the pleasure to build the Zsolnay room at the Madame Tussaud's in Budapest, where we recreated the interior of the famous Gellert Bath with its magical  blue and green Zsolnay tiles.

Zsolnay Home

Interior Design

Zsolnay offers a selection of unique tiles that elevate your home and add that feeling of luxury we all aspire. High-end tiles, pyrogranit fountains, door handles, nothing is impossible to create. Our decade long experience helps us find the perfect solution to create a space that is as unique as you.

Whether you are planning the interior design of your private home, your office or your business, we will prepare an offer that suits your desires.

Contact us for a personal quotation and our team will help make your dreams become reality.

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