Zsolnay at Madame Tussaud's Budapest

Madame Tussaud's Budapest opened its doors to the public on May 25th 2023. Located in the Grand Palazzo Dorottya in downtown Budapest, the wax figure museum includes a unique Zsolnay experience.

The so-called VIP room is modeled after the world-famous Gellert Bath which is decorated with stunning Zsolnay tiles and ornaments. Our manufacture in Pécs was commissioned to re-create the iconic Zsolnay hall.


Enter the magical world of Zsolnay at the Madame Tussaud's Budapest. You can pose with famous actors like Leonardo Di Caprio and Ryan Gosling in front of our dreamy green and blue Eosin ornaments. Or sit on the iconic Geller Bath benches and pose with the mystical Zsolnay mermaid for the perfect picture. 

Various hand-carved decorative wall elements combined with Art Nouveau and modern ornaments turn the VIP room at the museum into a  new Zsolnay attraction and entering this hall feels like taking a deep dive into a magical underwater world.