ResoArt Villa presents the Zsolnay Collection

At the end of 2023, the beautifully restored villa designed by Albert Kálmán Kőrössy opened its doors to the public. The ResoArt Villa presents the largest private collection of Zsolnay in Budapest. Handled by the Resonator Cultural and Art Foundation, the Zsolnay collection consists of almost 1000 pieces.

The core of the collection is made up of artifacts produced in the Zsolnay factory in the period we call Historicism, starting from the middle of the 1870s lasting till the Millenium. This period, between 1878 and 1885 is regarded as the first golden age of Zsolnays both from a technical and an artistic point of view.

The collection on display is the private property of András Szabó art collector and it presents the success story of the Zsolnay brand between the years 1870 and 1920 through the decorative ceramics produced in this period.

The main task of the Resoart Foundation is the handling of the Zsolnay and visual arts collection, the organisation of professional exhibitions and events and the establishing of clubs and collector circles.