The Sugarbird x Zsolnay Collection

With over 170 years of history, Zsolnay is a brand with many stories. When the innovative Budapest fashion brand Sugarbird approached our manufactory with an idea about a collaboration, our team was excited. New life was given to our traditional patterns, that now decorate beautiful gowns and blouses.

The playful design approach and vivid colors are in perfect harmony in what Zsolnay represents: Artistic freedom and luxury. The limited edition pieces of the Zsolnay x Sugarbird collection are exclusively available at

The 2016 and 2023 Collection

After the great sucess of the first Zsolnay X Sugarbird collection in 2016, it became clear that the cooperation should continue. With the wide variety of unique patterns that can be found at Zsolnay, it was not easy to decide which way to go.

After a visit to the Pink Collection exhibit at the Zsolnay museum in Pécs, ideas started to form. The collection pays hommage to the feminine, modern shapes that can be found all across this unique exhibition.