Török Janos Collector Set

€460.00 EUR

The Török Janos Collector Set is a unique special deal featuring two items from his renowned work at Zsolnay. A perfect gift for mid-century deisgn lovers, the set includes the two most iconic Törk Janos pieces.

The set includes:

Török Janos - Calm 14cm x 15cm

Török Janos - Mood 17cm x 10cm

Janos Török

Janos Török (1932-1996) was a Hungarian ceramic artist born in Mezőtúr, Hungary. After graduating from college in 1956 he began working at the Zsolnay Factory in Pécs. During his career Török created a variety of unique, modernist figurines and sculptures.

Modernist Design

Janos Török created figurines and sculptures that are immediately recognizable. His modernist designs are timeless and a collector's favorite.

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