Jerusalem Wall Plate

SKU: 303909970172771

€2'790.00 EUR

Dekor: 9970/1/7277

40cm diameter

2.5cm high

The 1001 Nights Collection

At Zsolnay, where creativity sets no boundaries, the influence of cultures serve as inspiration for our handmade masterpieces. The first pieces in this collection were initially crafted upon order of the Sultan of Oman. Over time, more spectacular designs were added.

The East & The West

A stunning balance of Eastern design and western craftsmanship, the 1001 Nights Collection by Zsolnay features stunning pieces that can not go unnoticed.


Every Zsolnay piece is handmade and handpainted in our manufactory in Pécs. Our talented artists dedicate days on crafting these masterpieces.

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