Evoking a Sense of Luxury

Zsolnay sets have been awarded the title of 'Hungaricum' attributed to Hungarian specialities. Select the luxury tableware from our collection that best suits the occasion or your personality and make meals memorable every time you use them.

Zsolnay offers 40 decorative motifs for our tableware, which is manufactured with traditional technology and represent the highest quality.

Handmade & Gold-Plated

The handmade faience painting is a special decorating technique of the manufacture that is unique in the world. The handmade gilding is performed using paint containing 18-carat gold that makes our offer even more exclusive. The patterns of the collections were inspired by traditional Hungarian motifs, and they are characterized by rich colours.

Tableware lending

Are you planning an elegant, unforgettable event and want to use our high-end tableware for this special occasion?
Try out the Tableware lending services of the Zsolnay Porcelain Manufacture andenhance your event with exclusive, handmade Zsolnay tableware. Contact us.