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A Zsolnay Original

The Eosin Era

In 1893 Vilmos Zsolnay introduced Eozin, a rich, iridescent glazing technique. The term, named after the Greek goddes Eos, goddess of dawn, was used to describe this unique finish.This technique became a trademark of Zsolnay and a favorite of art nouveau artists. The technique is a well-kept secret of the manufacture and its magical appearance has captivated collectors all over the world since it was first presented.

Eosin was developed in the 1890s with the help of Vilmos Zsolnay - Lajos Petrik, director of the Budapest Industrial School, and Vince Wartha, professor at the University of Technology.

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Innovation & Development

The Secret Formula

In addition to the numerous eosin colors, several manufacturing processes were developed at the Zsolnay factory, for example hand-painted, etched, marbled eosins. The company has been producing eosin since 1893; this multicolored, iridescent reduction glaze, the secret of its production being strictly guarded.

Ornaments and building decoration elements are made from the material. Around the turn of the century, in the spirit of art nouveau, the eosin technique combined with the new form and decoration was used in the creation of more and more beautiful pieces by world-renowned artists such as Sándor Abt Abt, Lajos Mack, Géza Nikelszky, and József Rippl Rónay.

Iridescent & Unique

The Magic of Eosin

Some of the most sought-after Zsolnay items today are the items that feature the famous luminescent glaze called 'Eosin'. The name refers to the Greek goddess of dawn Eos. The secret Eosin technique which Vilmos Zsolnay developed creates iridescent metallic colours that are unique to every piece. Each Eosin object is unique and unrepeatable.

The unique Eosin glaze is a staple of Zsolnay's identity and a favorite among collectors. Stunning Eosin pieces made by Zsolnay can be found in museums across the globe, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Musée d´Orsay in Paris.

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