The 2023/2024 Vocational Training at Zsolnay is completed

The 2023/2024 Zsolnay one-year dual vocational training for porcelain painters and ceramic makers offered participants a unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge and develop their skills in the field of ceramic art. During the training, the workers were able to get to know the special technologies of the manufactory and thereby create new, creative objects, as well as try out the less commonly used ceramic techniques.

In the framework of the vocational training, the students were able to meet many new solutions, with the help of which they could revive and expand their professional knowledge. The training focused not only on the acquisition of traditional techniques, but also on innovation and the development of creativity. Thanks to this, the participants were given free rein to experiment and use new techniques.


Among the works created during the training, many works were created using different raw production technologies. The students were able to learn underglaze and overglaze painting techniques, which they could combine with their own creative ideas. These creations faithfully reflect the traditions of the Zsolnay manufactory, but at the same time they also provided an opportunity to realize independent designs.

The special advantage of the dual training is that the students could do the practical training directly in the workshops of the Zsolnay manufactory. In this way, they could gain direct experience of everyday work processes, get to know the details of production technologies, and learn directly from recognized masters of the trade. The use of the special equipment of the manufactory allowed the participants to try out techniques that are not available elsewhere.

At the end of the training, the exam papers prepared by the students were also presented. These works combined Zsolnay traditions and independent designs, presenting the creativity and professional development of the participants. Among the exam pieces, there are many works that were created using special techniques, such as rarely used glaze technologies and special painting processes.

The vocational training of the Zsolnay porcelain manufactory not only served the professional development of the participants, but also contributed to the preservation and continuation of the rich traditions of the manufactory. The involvement and training of new generations ensures that the Zsolnay name continues to be synonymous with high-quality, unique craftsmanship.