architecture students present their ideas

Architecture students reimagine a Zsolnay factory building

Last week, on 8 May, at an event organised by the Faculty of Engineering and Informatics of the University of Pécs, we had the unique opportunity to take a look at the creative ideas and plans of young architecture students, who focused on the rethinking of the Zsolnay factory building in Pécs. The event showcased the concepts developed by the students to modernise and increase the efficiency of the factory.

Both teachers and students at the event stressed the importance of sustainability and innovation. Dr. Gábor Veres DLA habil. associate professor, who coordinated the Zsolnay factory project, highlighted the importance of the design process of the built environment for future generations. The designs developed by the students not only presented the building, but also gave an insight into the production process, showing its decorative and functional aspects.

The aim of the event was not only to showcase the students' work, but also to encourage the architectural community towards sustainable design and urban development. The designs envisioned by the architecture students projected a vision of the future in which the Zsolnay factory is not just an industrial facility, but an essential part of the city's cultural and economic centre.

The strategic cooperation between the University of Pécs and Zsolnay Porcelánmanufaktúra Zrt. can serve as an example for other institutions and companies, as the mutual support of university education and practical planning can contribute to sustainable and innovative urban development.