The magic of tradition

During the long history of the brand, Zsolnay was always able to show something new and outstanding for its time. It has been associated with uniqueness, artistic quality and continuous innovation for 170 years


It played a pioneering role both in its technological solutions and in artistic craftmanship, always attracting famous scientists, artists, and architects of the time.

The porcelain faience, the pyrogranite and the eosin technology are only some of the key inventions that made the Zsolnay brand world-famous.

The Zsolnay brand gained recognition thanks to the international successes achieved from the 1870s. It became the single most important ceramics factory in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and the whole of Central Europe.

The National Exhibition of the Millennium of Hungary of 1896 was an important milestone in the life of the manufacture.

The eosin technology was a complete success. Whereas the ornamental vessels presented at the exhibition were decorated primarily with folkloric and oriental motifs, in the coming years, following the trends of the time, the ceramic ornamental products of the brand were created in a variety of forms in the spirit of Secession, often enriched with sculptural elements.

More than a hundred varieties of the tulips evoking the finesse of glass chalices were manufactured. The vases, flowerpots, name card holders decorated with slender figures of women were popular at the time, producing an airy effect thanks to the eosin technique.

Secession was also inspired by nature: flowerpots were decorated with a large variety of birds, butterflies, and flowers. To this day, preparing the eosin glaze requires craftmanship: it is characterized by rich colours paired with an iridescent hue.

This special technology is still unique in the world; it is made with secret ingredients based on the traditions of the initial period of the factory.

The manufacturing technology of the factory has differed greatly from all other porcelain manufacturers due to the continuous technological modernization of the products and the cooperation with the greatest thinkers of the time.  Countless unique technologies have been tested that have been used exclusively in the Zsolnay factory. 

In addition to that, the brand provided support and inspiration to Hungarian architects of the turn of the century, ensuring that the Zsolnay brand is synonymous with traditional values, outstanding quality, and the luxury of uniqueness.

Currently, the Company is working on new developments, placing an emphasis on innovation looking towards the future. Keeping its traditional values, it embraces the future by establishing new directions.

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