The reborn St. Stephen's Hall

The Buda Castle is an architectural gem, a significant part of our Hungarian, European and global cultural heritage. Saint Stephen’s Hall in the Buda Castle is an exceptional example of Hungarian applied arts at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries and was created in collaboration with the great masters of the era, Alajos Hauszmann, Endre Thék and Vilmos Zsolnay. The National Hauszmann Programme marks the beginning of a new era in the history of the Castle.

The uniquely Hungarian Zsolnay brand has been a symbol of the highest quality and traditional values for 170 years and is associated with innovation today. It is an honour that with its expertise the Zsolnay Porcelain Manufactory could contribute to this significant, historic project, the reconstruction of Saint Stephen’s Hall.

Just like in olden times, traditional technologies were used in the production process as the statues were manufactured. The Saint Stephen statues are made of the same special pyrogranite mass as the original statue. They were manufactured exclusively by hand, in every work phase, which guarantees the highest quality and uniqueness. The statues are painted with 18-karat gold paint and at least 10 unique colours created specifically for the reconstruction of the statue.