Modern Zsolnay

The Zsolnay brand gained recognition thanks to the international successes achieved from the 1870s. It became the single most important ceramics factory in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and the whole of Central Europe.

The manufacturing technology of the factory has differed greatly from all other porcelain manufacturers due to the continuous technological modernization of the products and the cooperation with the greatest thinkers of the time. 

Countless unique technologies have been tested that have been used exclusively in the Zsolnay factory.

The porcelain faience, the pyrogranite and the eosin technology are only some of the key inventions associated with the Zsolnay brand, but as a matter of fact, the brand has become world-famous for these three types of products.

From 1958 not only has the traditional eosin technique been updated but from the early sixties, the production of eosin and porcelain ornamental objects adapted to modern interior design has also been added to the product portfolio.

In line with the requirements of the time, the appearance of porcelain ornamental objects, especially dishes, vases, flowerpots, and smoking sets painted over the glaze has also been modernized.

The technique of porcelain painting under the glaze has first been used in the manufacturing process of small-sized porcelain figures.

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