Contemporary design

Due to the changes that have taken place in the ceramic industry, the gap between mass products and limited editions keeps widening.


Following the tradition, our manufacture offers a wide range of ornamental articles created with craft techniques on custom orders.

Our portfolio comprises products with traditional and modern designs as well.

We still use the same combination of materials of the early days and the traditional technology for manufacturing, which guarantees the highest quality and uniqueness.

Our porcelain ornamental vessels are defined by classic elegance.  The delicate designs and opulent gold details complement the simple lines and forms.

Some typical Zsolnay motifs have been modernized, and they serve as an indication of the survival of the artistic tradition.

Zsolnay sculptures are crafted both in modern and traditional style. Our sculpted ornamental objects are decorated on one hand by the modernized versions of Secession motifs typical of the Zsolnay factory, and on the other hand by models that fit into the well-known and beloved designs.



Adapting to the needs of our days, innovation also plays an important role in the life of the company. While we cherish the values of the past, we always strive to create new sets as well.


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