Tradition, luxury, and continuous innovation

The Zsolnay brand has been associated with uniqueness, artistic quality, and innovation for 170 years. Over the course of its history, the manufactory has always contributed something new and distinctive to every period. With its pioneering technologies and artistic values, it has attracted renowned scientists, artists, and architects. Zsolnay products, with several grand prizes at world expos and national and international awards, were the pinnacle of European Historicism and Secession in ceramic art.

From the 1870s, Zsolnay became the single most important ceramics factory in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and all of Central Europe. Production technology was very different from that of any other porcelain factory, several absolutely unique solutions were developed here. The porcelain faience, the pyrogranite and the eosin technology are some of the key inventions associated with the Zsolnay brand. It was these three types of products that made the brand famous all over the world.

Following the tradition, we offer a wide range of ornamental articles created with craft techniques, and we fulfil individual orders. You can find products with traditional and modern designs as well. We still use the same combination of materials of the early days and the traditional technology, which guarantees high quality and uniqueness.

Innovation is also important for us—while we cherish the values of the past, we develop new sets, too. It is also important that we establish new trade relations in Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and America. We wish to make the high-end, luxury products of the Zsolnay brand well-known all over the world.