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The Zsolnay brand has been the symbol of tradition, speciality, artistic value and steady renewal for more than 160 years. 
During its long history it could always tell something new and determining for its age. Both in technological solutions and in artistic finish it played a  pioneer role, it collected the famous scientists, artists, architects of its age. 
Thanks for all that famous artists took part in the work of the factory, e.g. József Rippl-Rónai, Ferenc Martyn, Victor Vasarely, Ödön Lechner and many others. 
The fame of the Zsolnay ceramic is based on an almost 165 years tradition and a brilliant ceramist, called Vilmos Zsolnay. 
His outstanding talent was coupled with ambitious experiments and innovation, although, at the same time, he was not only a craftsman, inventor and artist, but also an outstanding industrialist and businessman.

“I always want to replace the good with the better” 

Vilmos Zsolnay

The Zsolnay ceramics can be found among the most precious items in the world’s most important museums and private collections. 
These works of art are permanently in demand in the art trade and the highlights at international exhibitions.
The so called Zsolnay eosin is regarded as the most characteristic Zsolnay giftware.
The name “eosin” originates from the Greek word “eos” which means “to blush”. 
This refers to the fact that the colour of the first eosin pieces was red. 
The body of the eosin is not porcelain, but made of a very fine ceramic material. Its unique character lies in the glaze which contains different metal oxides, and it undergoes a complex reduction processes during firing. 
The brilliant iridescent tones of the product are due to these metal oxides. Depending on light effects, even monochrome eosin objects develop different tones. Every eosin piece is unique and unrepeatable. 
The Zsolnay eosin is produced in different colours and the hand-painted masterworks are complete with any other ceramic product. 
The recipe of eosin was made by Vilmos Zsolnay in 1890; no other factory produces eosin products until this day.

Contemporary Zsolnay



EOSIN - This is Zsolnay’s most unique and inimitable product and glazing technique. Every object is unique and irreproducible.
Eosin was developed from the early 1890s by Vilmos Zsolnay, with the help of Lajos Petrik, the Principal of the Industrial School of Budapest, and of Vince Wartha, a Professor of the University of Technology.  In addition to arrange of eosin colours, several finishingtechniques were also developed at the Zsolnay Factory, including hand-painting, etched, and marbled. 
Eosin products were first produced in 1893. The technology of making this colourful and iridescent glaze is a closely guarded secret to this day. It is used to create decorative objects and building-ornaments of various sizes. 
As the birth of eosin coincided with the emergence of art nouveau around the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the new forms and decorative motives were used to full effect by world-famous artists such as Sándor Apáti Abt, Lajos Mack, Géza Nikelszky, and József Rippl-Rónai, who created some truly outstanding works of art using this technique.


PIROGRANITE - In the territory of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and the surrounding Central European Countries a lot of buildings erected in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, typically built in art nouveau style, were decorated by Zsolnay ceramic products.
Till this day, they bear silent witness to the durability of pirogranite. „Pirogranite” refers to a range of ceramics developed by the Zsolnay company in the early 1880s. 
The name is the combination of ‘pyro’, which refers to the high temperature at which the products are burnt, and  ‘granite’, which signifies durability. This hard material resists acids and sub-zero temperatures, which means that it can endure damp, cold, and the pollution. 
As a result, it is ideal for decorating buildings, roof tiling, and making ornamental objects to be displayed indoors or outdoors as well, or producing stoves and fireplaces.


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